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Disco's Over ft HotFunk & Danni Stefanetti - Lonely Island [Chill House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

by Now Playing Musik on Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

UK and Scotland producers, respectively, Disco's Over and HotFunk decided to join forces with talented Australian vocalist, Danni Stefanetti, to create ‘Lonely Island’. The result is an absolute beauty, ready to be played on radios everywhere. The delicate and emotive piano melody in the breakdowns elegantly wraps Danni’s resonant voice, gradually building suspense for a bit more dynamic yet brief house drops, making this track perfect for your tranquil end-of-summer evenings. ‘Lonely Island’ was released earlier today on Next Gen Records. We highly suggest you take a listen to this lovely song below and guess what? Yes, you can download it for free! Be on the look out for more cool freebies on Now Playing Musik. And as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jenny Mayhem & The Fuzz Orchestrator - Bad Girls (Orlando Wolf Remix) [Vocal House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

by Now Playing Musik on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

2014 has been a quite productive year for Canadian songstress Jenny Mayhem. After many acclaimed releases, she's continued showing her versatility by releasing remix after remix of her leading singles. Today we have a first listen to another one of those wonderful ear pearls; Talented Morocco producer Orlando Wolf remix, of Jenny's collaboration with The Fuzz Orchestrator 'Bad Girls'. A sunny yet smooth deep sounding house take on the track. The purring bass and the old fashion synths gently carrying Jenny's mesmerizing voice, makes this remix a beautifully zen-mood-inducing piece. Check out the premiere below and grab your free copy. Remember! As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - What’s Up Doc [Tech House] [EP]

by Ian Fleming on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

There’s a certain implicit class and exuberance in the name Lee Van Dowski that carries over to the French-born, Geneva-based artist’s music. It is music couched in techno but with plenty of human soul and that’s the case once again as he collaborates with Dean Demanuele for a new EP on his Dazed & Confused Recordings label.
Up first is the full fat and peak time tech house kicker that is What’s Up Doc, with its Nail style sharped edge percussion, falling synth line and drum led drama.  It’s the sort of track that will take crowds to the next level of energy in a night whilst Mine o Mine is a more sensitive and stripped back cut. Here lush chords are draped over a curious lead synth line that snakes in and out of loopy, metallic drums.  It’s great dancing material and so is Shove It Up, the spritely, prickly jam that has shimmering chords at its core and muffled voices buried deep within. All three tracks are sure-fire floor filling winners that you will likely here a lot more of as the weeks roll on.

Check out the EP below and as always, enjoy!

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LNTN & Trusssst' - We Are [Progressive House] [Free Download]

by Now Playing Musik on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Hungary based producer Trusssst' has teamed up with fellow LNTN for quite the explosive new collaboration, which we have the privilege of offering you for free. 'We Are' is an upbeat prog house meets electro house track that is already becoming quite a festival anthem already, seeing support from DJ BL3ND. The tune endows an energetically raw feel implemented through alternating synths and deep yet heavy bass kick. 'We Are' further draws on trashing percussive sounds to build the track’s overarching rhythmic bounce.  You can listen to the song in full below and grab your free copy if you feel the need . As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Alexei & Carlos Kinn, Gerald Henderson ft Thane - When The Party Is Over [Progressive House] [EP]

by Now Playing Musik on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Magic happened when rising star Spanish production duo Alexei & Carlos Kinn approached Canadian singer/songwriter Thane about lending his lyrics and vocals to their instrumental. From Alexei & Carlos’ production prowess and Thane’s song writing wizardry and soaring vocals emerged a new house music release with a truly international flavour called 'When the Party is Over', which was recently released on Bongo Tone Records (Gerald Henderson). The grooves in 'When the Party is Over', are a combination of progressive yet commercial house infused with latin vibes and a soulful tone. The original mix is accompanied by Dutch producer Maroy’s energetic Alegria remix!
Alexei & Carlos Kinn represent a new generation of great artists in the Spanish electronic scene with original tracks and remixes released on labels like Stealth Records, Hed Kandi, Space Invaders, Tiger Records and Destined. Their work has included a remix of Roger Sanchez’s 'My Roots' (Stealth) and Alistair’s 'Love is the Icon' (Hed Kandi). Thane’s music has received support from international artists including Paul van Dyk (Vonyc Sessions) and Flash Brothers (Armada) and is licensed to H&M.

Stream the previews below. 'When the Party is Over' is available on Beatport.

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Jenny Mayhem & Jesse Taylor - Could Be (Raeve Remix) [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

by Now Playing Musik on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Why do we love Reave's remixes so much? Cause he makes good songs out of good songs. And this time, the musicmaker has remixed Toronto singer-songwriter Jenny Mayhem's track, 'Could Be' featuring Jesse Taylor, to veritable perfection. The original is a catchy guitar driven pop song with some undeniably beautiful vocals. Fellow french Reave gives it a lighter makeover, combining a deep foundation of constant understated kicks and distorted sub-bass weaving in and out, with rustling hi-hats, electronic bubblings and the stark snap of a snare rimshot. A gentle assault on your ears while being hypnotised by guitar riffs and Jenny Mayhem & Jesse Taylor's voices echoing into your head, a beautiful rearrangement that Raeve has mastered. Quite something. It's available for free download listen to it below, and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Boys Get Hurt ft Lana Soy - Take Me Away [Vocal House] [Free Download]

by Now Playing Musik on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Tokyo based producer duo Boys Get Hurt teamed up with U.K singer Lana Soy to deliver a remarkably emotional House track, 'Take Me Away'. The warm voice of Soy and the bright and tropical beats of Boys Get Hurt come together for astonishing; chic yet exotic sound that breathes elegance and sunshine. I will describe this song as an unexpectedly dancey, sentimental journey. It's actually quite hard not to ‎get your body moving while listening to this masterpiece. I'm really enjoying the vibe on this one, and look forward to what’s coming next from BGH. Stream below and don't forget to grab the free download... As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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A Chat with MidKnightz [Interview]

by Ian Fleming on Sunday, August 10, 2014.

Midknightz (aka Alex Mellios and Leo Kane) is a production outfit from Munich, Germany, who’ve been ruffling our house feathers recently thanks to their expert and intricate take on the genre. True proponents of quality sounds, the boys’ hallmark is quality-strewn house, the likes of which is delightfully impossible to pigeonhole thanks to the dazzling eclecticism which course through each and every release. We caught up with Leo to talk shop recently – and here’s what went down…

You're from Munich, right? Is it a cool place to experience electronic music?

Born and raised. Munich really is on the rise when talking about the electronic music experience. Quality bookings are getting more and more frequent, which is great!

Do you get to play in the city often? Do you have any residencies etc?

I get to play a couple of times a month. Love Harder is holding a quasi – residency at a small club called Pimpernel, where we all get to play a lot.

What’s the thinking behind your name, Midknightz?

It’s a word play of midnight and knights. Midnight is referring to our nighttime job and knights is what we would like to be I guess… fighting for our right to good music and good times!

And when were you two first bitten by the dance music and production bug?

I’ve been listening to dance music for a long time now, I guess about 20 years now, consciously that is. I’ve dabbled in producing for about 14 years, but you probably couldn’t call the first 5 years producing…

So how did you meet? Whose idea was it to become a duo?

We met through a good friend of ours, Chris (Guardate, who’s also on Love Harder Rec.), who I went to school with. He knew my work and introduced us. We fairly quickly began to 
play back-to-back sets for fun at a club in Munich and the rest is - almost - history.

Do you agree on most things music wise?

Not at all! And I think that’s our greatest advantage! We both come from very different backgrounds musically, so we both can provide different input, which makes it exciting!

What’s your involvement like in the Love Harder label?

I’m primarily just an artist releasing on Love Harder, but working together obviously brings me in contact with some label related stuff, too.

How do you decide what you out on Love Harder and what you try to get signed to other labels?

It depends a lot on the tracks themselves, if they fit Love Harder and of course if we think that it would fit another label better.

And how would you best describe the music you guys release?

I really couldn’t put it in a specific genre, because that varies from release to release. We try not to sound the same on every track, but it’s generally tech house, with influences ranging from funk to Detroit techno.

What do you use to make your tracks? Are you hardware or software enthusiasts at all?

Our main hub is Ableton Live, but we also use some outboard gear. We have an Arturia Minibrute, a Dave Smith Mopho, a Nord Lead and some guitar effect pedals that we use quite often, so it’s more a question of what fits any given track we’re working on.

What do you think are the key foundations of a dance music track?

For me the most important thing is that the drums and the bass play well together. The rest comes more or less naturally.

What one lesson would you pass on to young producers reading this?

Don’t try to sound like someone else! Find and be yourself!

Can you talk us through your latest EP on Love Harder? How did Namito end up becoming involved?

The two original tracks on the EP are trying to showcase what we love to play and produce at the moment, and the remixes really complete the EP in my view. Found my home is obviously a lot darker and more on the techno side of things, and a track where we could really experiment a lot and try new stuff and gear. Falling Down really is a straight up house track, with the organ bringing some funk into the mix. The EP is really showing that we don’t want to fit into a specific box, but just want to make music we like.
Namito became involved when Alex was sending him some stuff we did and he really liked our 'Found my home' track.

Is he a producer that you’ve admired for some time? What’s your favourite Namito production?

I’ve been playing his tracks for many years now. My favorite tune would be “Feuersee” a track he released with Martin Eyerer back in 2008.

Where do you guys see yourself in 5 years time with the label and as producers? What are your hopes and dreams for it all? 

I guess getting to play more international gigs would be no. 1 on my list. A close second would be to finally getting our live setup together and on the road. We’re currently working hard to make this a reality and it’s rather exciting! I really don’t think one can plan ahead 5 years in today’s rapidly evolving electronic music scene, but I’d definitively love to see us having international residencies at some point!  

MidKnightz’s next EP Found My Home is out soon on Love Harder.
Check out their music below and as always, enjoy!

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