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Jul 25, 2014

Bob Marley - Redemption Song (Raeve & Mokoa ft Jahson Cover) [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

If there is anyone that can readapt a classic track into a deep sounding jam, Raeve is the one to do it. This time he teamed up with talented french producer Mokoa and jamaican singer Jahson to cover the legen...dary 'Redemption Song' of reggae master Bob Marley.
So, for all of you out there who share my appreciation of successful music fusion, this one's for you. When I first listened to this new remix, the Kygo tropical influences jumped out at me, you can clearly hear that sunny vibe and playful ambiance so typical of the norwegian producer, and it consolidates my idea of how polyvalent and creative Raeve can be. I was pretty stoked to hear reggae and electronic styles skillfully combined by Raeve and his sidekicks, to make one feel-good catchy record. Check out this beautiful piece, grab yourself a free copy and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jul 20, 2014

FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money [Electro Pop] [Video]

Ever since Chris Brown made the 'Loyal' song, which has become an anthem for all men betrayed by the opposite sex, I was hoping for a female response to it. Well ladies, it seems like Japan has answered our prayer. FEMM witch stands for Far East Mention Mannequins has released a few weeks ago a Trap flavoured Pop song called 'Fxxk Boyz Get Money' and the less I can say is; these two performers know how to keep it real. With lyrics like " I'm in love with a price-tag " prince charming better show up with a Black Card, 'cause a 'true love' kiss won't do the trick. Except their love of money, karaoke and latex clothes, the only other thing we know about FEMM is that they like to appear randomly in parties, dressed as some android mannequins willing to take over the world. So, before the dolls domination takes place, find their spicy music video below and as always, enjoy!

 'Fxxk Boyz Get Money' will be available July the 30th on iTunes.

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Jul 16, 2014

The House Train [Now Playing Musik Radio Show]

Now Playing Musik has partnered with talented DJ/Producers Michael Murica and Sweet La, to bring  you an exceptional event, a 33 hour marathon mix show hosted on You Broadcast Radio.
Friday the 18th July at 6PM GMT, and for the following 33 hours, we will make sure that you get uninterruptedly, the best sounds in house music. Covering every sub-genre from sweet refreshing Deep House to high energy Progressive House and Electro House. We are very proud to deliver a jaw dropping lineup (as you can see below), featuring some well-respected names in electronic music mixed in with prominent rising acts you should be paying attention to.

The House Train lineup (Set time GMT):

18:00 David Tre Appleby ( London, United Kingdom )
19:00 The Peverell Brothers ( Middlesbrough, United Kingdom )
20:00 Sweet LA ( Weymouth, United Kingdom )
21:00 Stonebridge ( Stockholm, Sweden )
22:00 Alaia & Gallo ( Naples, Italy )
23:00 DJ Mark One ( Manchester, United Kingdom )
24:00 K-Klaas ( Manchester, United Kingdom )
01:00 Jay C ( Manchester, United Kingdom )
02:00 Chris Sammarco ( Pt. Pleasant Beach, United States )
03:00 J8MAN ( Necobeach, Colombia )
04:00 Deep Fish ( Uppsala, Sweden )
05:00 Mark Eldridge ( London, United Kingdom )
06:00 Dee James ( London, United Kingdom )
07:00 Jerem A ( Marseille, France )
08:00 Sue La Vie ( Nyírbátor, Hungary )
09:00 Steve Proctor ( London, United Kingdom )
10:00 Jon Mcinerney ( London, United Kingdom )
11:00 George von Liger ( Wenzhou, China )
12:00 Vigo Qinan ( Vigo, Spain )
13:00 Fabio de Magistris & Nico Heinz ( Padova, Italy )
14:00 Till West ( Cologne, Germany )
15:00 Lucas Reyes ( Nantes, France )
16:00 Richard Marsh ( Ashford, United Kingdom )
17:00 Alex van Alff ( Zoetermeer, Netherlands )
18:00 Charles Osikoya ( London, United Kingdom )
19:00 Matt King ( Leicester, United Kingdom )
20:00 Full Intention ( London, United Kingdom )
21:00 BK Duke ( Munich, Germany )
22:00 Grooveshifters ( Amsterdam, Netherlands )
23:00 DMC ( Cardiff, United Kingdom )
24 :00 Benji of Sweden ( Stockholm, Sweden )
01:00 Michael Murica ( Stockholm, Sweden )

The House Train show is over. Stay tuned for the next show.

Stream some of The House Train's best sets below. As always, enjoy!

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Jul 10, 2014

Broods - Broods [Electro Pop] [EP] [Video]

There are many talents emerging from New Zealand. One of them is the Auckland born brother/sister duo Broods, a.k.a Georgia Nott (chanteuse) and Caleb Nott (multi-instrumentalist). Only formed since 2013, the siblings have already collaborated, on their self titled 6-track debut EP, with Joel Little, the man behind Lorde's ‘Royals’ himself. This opus can be described as a synth-pop EP, however you will find hints of various music genres in it. For your total enjoyment, I selected the two tracks that stand out the most to me, 'Bridges' and 'Never Gonna Change'. Watch the engaging clips below. And as always, enjoy!

'Broods' EP is available on iTunes now. Broods intend to release their debut album next month.

'Bridges' speaks for it self! It is a track where Georgia's soft voice complete perfectly the catchy keyboard melodies, the light drums and the heavy bass line.

'Never Gonna Change' sounds like a therapeutic song that Georgia did after a painful breakup. You can feel the anger and sadness in her voice, which is beautifully carried by Caleb's wave of dark bass lines.

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Jul 8, 2014

SubtomiK x ATLiens - Havoc [Trap] [Free Download] [Premiere]

Rising US producer / beatmaker SubtomiK teamed up with his fellow ATLiens to deliver one of their best cut yet, 'Havoc', a heater that will in fact wreak havoc across clubs and music festivals all over the world. The heavy Trap beat in this release made the perfect canvas for a fresh amount of screeching synths and bass knocks to be added. 'Havoc' is definitely the kind of track that will have you replaying after the first listen. Play the exclusive premiere below and pick up your free copy right now. As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jul 7, 2014

Kled Mone - Insane People [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

Greek artist Kled Mone first caught my attention with his undeniably addictive cover 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' that came across my radar few weeks ago. Now he's showing us more of his hard work with 'Insane People', a track that is truly magical in every sense, it is light like the breeze on a sunny day, with some glistening piano keys infused with John Lennon's voice that act as the driving force throughout. The most fascinating part about Kled Mone is the ability to transmit his unspoken feelings, to the listener, in a way i've never heard before. Go on and feel the magic that is Kled Mone with a track that will have you floating on top of your neck of the woods. Listen below and download it. It's free. But most of all. Enjoy! As always.

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jul 5, 2014

Popeska - Don't Let Go [Progressive House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

Wolfgang Gartner mentored US producer Popeska, unleashes today the fifth piece in his free download series #OneTrackADay. Aptly titled, 'Don't Let Go', the song is an encouragement for every person going through hard times. Fiddled with inspiring filtered vocals, enchanting melodies and precise effect work, 'Don't Let Go', is as motivating as its name suggests. Popeska delivers a friendly synth-driven stunner without some cliche big room drops. Stream it below, grab your free copy and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jul 2, 2014

Phillip - Torque [Progressive House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

Emerging Italian producer Phillip has released some quality house tunes these past months. Today we are premiering his new single 'Torque', which is quite an impressive follow up on his previous work. The track has a balanced combination of groovy and melodic. The catchy builds and the hard hitting drops layered into the progressive foundation of 'Torque', predispose it to take over any fest or club in its pass. Grab this prime free download today and keep an eye out for more Phillip soon. As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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