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Rafael Cerato - Gladiator EP (Cohesive) [Deep House]

by Ian Fleming on Sunday, September 14, 2014.

Rafael Cerato is a young French producer who is on a steady ascendency through the ranks. He has released on a number of well-established labels including Nastyfunk Records, Love Not Money, Straight Music, FunkPony, Dialtone, Oh! Stockholm and many more. Something he is doing is working as artist like SKAM and the mechanism are all fans. Here he serves up two great new tracks on his 'Gladiator EP'.

Up first is the tile track, which is the sort of carefully thought out peak of your set gem that will send shivers up peoples skin as it transports them to another planet. The melodies are lush, the atmosphere is spiritual if not religious and the betas are slick and well produced.  Key to it all is a magic breakdown that will stay with you for ages.  The second track on the EP is 'It Was Lost' which is a collaboration with WD2N and is again a serene and hugely atmospheric track. Twinkling melodies rise and fall through the scales as sweeping synths and groaning basslines all work into a progression groove that is totally escapist. Rafael, then, is in fine form right now.

Stream Rafael Cerato's 'Gladiator EP' preview below . As always, enjoy!

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Now Playing Musik Podcast #001 - Adil Laresh [Deep Vocal House]

by Adil Laresh on Thursday, September 11, 2014.

Hi guys! here is our first episode of Now Playing Musik Podcast Mix with around 60 minutes of deep house filled freshness. A well balanced set of some notorious house tracks along with some underground fire. Stream & download the mix below and let us know how much you like this new show. As always, enjoy!


01 - Dear David - I've Been Waiting 00:00
02 - Enda - Its Alright 05:20
03 - Pascal Junior - Me & You 10:20
04 - MORRT - Be There (Abstract & Logic Remix) 13:50
05 - Calippo - Don't Know How 18:30
06 - Aperio - Opportunity ft. Dave Hildreth 24:00
07 - Zhu - Cocain Model (Bender Remix) 28:30
08 - Little Nikki - Right Before My Eyes ft. DJ S.K.T 31:40
09 - Wolfhead - Wolfpup 36:00
10 - Luca Grignaffini - Heart unsigned ft. Bonnie Legion 40:20
11 - Skip The Use - Ghost (RÆVE & The Faceless Cover) 44:50
12 - Midi Culture - Every Sunday 49:30
13 - Carlo Runia - Think About Ya 53:30

NPM's Free download: Here!

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A Catch up with Denise Rules... [Interview]

by Ian Fleming on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

Denise Rules are a French duo whose sound we’ve just caught a glimpse of – and it’s safe to say we’re digging what’s come from them so far. Having released their latest EP on the French label, Carton Pate, theirs is a unique sound that touches on everything from house to disco to electro. Few duos could pull it off, but then few duos are Denise Rules. So what makes them tick? We checked in with the boys recently to find out more…

Introduce yourself for anyone that might not know…

We're just two guys who are trying to make music with our computers and a few machines.

Who does what at the band? How would you describe your style?

We've been trying out new things on each of our tracks. I guess our style is located somewhere in between techno, house and electronica, sometimes mixed up with other things like rock, dance or a little bit of hip-hop. Both of us are involved in the production of the tracks, although Teddy is more familiar with the drums, while I (Deekay) am working more on the melody. We also have a graphic designer (Aimé Jalon) and a V.J (Dudley Smith) working along with us for our live performances.

How did you first meet?

We met in a radio show, there was a battle where the audience had to vote for the DJ with the best set ! I think Teddy won this time, as he was only playing Italo-disco music... 

How did you get into dance music at first, what sort of things and where?

We both worked on Funk and Hip-hop music before. We liked the idea of being able to sample freely and try different rythms, and this is something you can do easily with electronic music. We also wanted to add the live performance to it.

And when did you decide to start making it? How did it go?

We started out by playing in small nightclubs where we were surprised at first to see everyone dancing to our tracks straight away, especially chicks !

How long did it take you to really find your own sound, do you think?

We've been trying our tracks live, in order to get the feedback from the audience first hand. We also had a first EP that came out in 2013 and allowed us to try a few more things and get a better idea of where we wanted to go with our sound.

Would you agree that it’s quite a unique sound? I believe you’re quite interested in hip-hop too, right?

We are aware that we are not following the usual rules of making electronic music because we don't know them in the first place !  We both went through a "scratch nerd" phase when we would only listen to hip-hop music, and perhaps that can be felt in the structure of our sound, especially for some breaks.

Are you hard of software guys? Why?

Software by need, but we invested in some hardware recently that we are looking forward to use on future tracks.

How did you come up with the sounds on the EP for instance?

We usually exchange the work in progress so each one of us can add a little to it on his own, then we play it live in order to adjust and finish the tune.

What’s your relationship like with the Carton Pate guys? Have you known them a long time?

This is the first time that we are collaborating with a label, we've been knowing them for a few months. They're a very dynamic team and their state of mind is matching ours.

Does it take you a long time to make a track or are you someone who works quickly? Do you have a proper studio?

Usually, we take our time to work our best on each track, although it did happen to us to produce a track just a few hours before a concert. We usually work separately, at home.

Are you DJs too? Do you get to play out much in France?

We always did DJ sets. We did quite a lot of live perfomances too, when our last EP came out.

What are you most looking forward to about winter?

We are looking forward to hear the feedback from the audience on this new EP and we can't wait to play it live !

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?

We are rethinking our whole live show with our V.J and we also have some nice featurings coming up.

Denise Rules’ 'Out of Tune' is out now on Carton Pate

For more on Denise Rules, check their sounds below - As always, enjoy!

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Tove Lo - Not On Drugs [Electro-Pop] [Video]

by Thane EDMVocalist on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

"Baby listen please I'm not on drugs I'm not on drugs I'm just in love" is the hook from Tove Lo's electro-pop single 'Not On Drugs' off her debut album Queen of the Clouds. The song was recently released by Island Records (Universal), and I'm just in love with this song!

The video for 'Not on Drugs' is now on YouTube and takes the listener on a euphoric journey comparing the power of being in love to a mind altering state of consciousness. The song is catchy with a great pop sensibility, subdued enough for mainstream audiences but with an electro undercurrent to satisfy EDM fans. It will be interesting to hear what DJ remixes result from this release.

The scenes in the video transport the viewer between rainbow kaleidoscopes to Tove Lo floating through multicolored clouds reminiscent of the psychedelic 60s and her voice is both powerful and ethereal.

Tove Lo, born Tove Ebba Elsa Nilssonis, is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician. Although fairly new on the scene, this breakout star has written music for other artists including Icona Pop, Girls Aloud, and Cher Lloyd.

Can't wait to see what's next for Tove Lo but in the meantime, watch her video below. As always, enjoy!

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Wolfhead - Wolfpup to Wolfhead [House] [EP] [Now Playing Musik Release]

by Now Playing Musik on Monday, September 08, 2014.

Presenting today our latest opus, released on Now Playing Musik record label: 'Wolfpup to Wolfhead' is the three-track debut EP of young Swedish electronic music producer from Stockholm, Wolfhead. Opening up the release is 'Wolfpup', a beautiful chill house track. This song is quite unique by its very nature. You might enjoy listening to it driving on the highway as well as dancing on it in the club. The next track on the list is 'Somebody I Could Be' featuring the lovely Danny Claire, a catchy house meets trance track. You need to focus on the big picture on this one, The melodic chords, the floating vocals, the progressive beats... Everything comes together to give you an exquisitely pleasant feeling. Then comes 'Would You Execute', the electro track of the EP, with an enjoyable mesmerizing effect. It's somewhere between techno and tech house and it's perfectly suitable for dj sets and your workout playlist.

'Wolfpup to Wolfhead' EP is available now. Check out the link below. As always, Enjoy!

Purchase Release

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Odesza ft Madelyn Grant - Sun Models (Jordan James Edit) [Tropical Chillstep] [Free Download] [Premiere]

by Now Playing Musik on Monday, September 01, 2014.

We’ve seen Australian producer, Jordan James, slowly but surely, making a name for himself from his string of tunes over the past few months. This time, Jordan has taken over talented producer Odesza's 'Sun Models' featuring the lovely Madelyn Grant, and implemented his fresh sound design into the mix. The result is nothing short of incredible, it features tropical house aesthetics with a strong amount of a chillstep/trap elements oozing all over the beat. Prepare yourself for a surge of feelings to take over your body after listening to this edit! We are gifted with a free download to make it even better, so stream below and pick up a freebie now. As always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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The Neighbourhood ft Kina Grannis - Sweater Weather (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix) [Deep House] [Free Download]

by Now Playing Musik on Monday, September 01, 2014.

Truth be told, Belgium based duo Vijay & Sofia Zlato have this astonishing ability to turn every song they touch to an exquisite ear candy. And their last deep house remix, of The Neighbourhood and Kina Grannis' 'Sweater Weather', is no exception. They actually gave the original track that little kick it needed, adding in some upbeat drums, disco hand claps, a deep bassline and some subtle piano & synth melodies, making it as chill as danceable. Olivier and Sofia really did justice to Kina's smooth voice and give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy it in your next dance party. Listen to this beautiful piece below, grab the free download and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Caissa - No Rules (Vs1_ Remix) [Electro House]

by Now Playing Musik on Friday, August 29, 2014.

Dominican producer duo Caissa latest bigroom track 'No Rules' received the remix treatment from talented George Vaz aka VS1_. The Australian artist has been on the rise these last months and shows no signs of stopping with this dance-floor-destroying electro house remix, where the uplifting original vocals are chopped and rearranged perfectly to accent an already exciting tune. The whole release is an absolute gorgeous electronic ball of energy that should be played at high volumes. Caissa's 'No Rules' is out now on Pyramid Recordings and includes another remix by Hot Shit!.
Listen to VS1_' version below and grab a copy on Beatport. As always, enjoy!

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