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Jul 30, 2014

Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain (Raeve ft Jahson Cover) [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

France-based producer Raeve joins forces, once again, with the skilled jamaican vocalist Jahson to offer us another amazing cover of the legend Bob Marley. And this time they gave their special treatment to the masterpiece 'Waiting In Vain'. This cover has the perfect amount of nostalgia along with modern vibe to keep your feeling nicely balanced. Jahson's voice is hauntingly superb, and the way Raeve mixes it in with the echoing downtempo house work is intensely impressive. You know guys, there's nothing better than listening to a song and having it develop in the exact way you hoped it would. For the first half of the number, it’s all slap bass and fat beats, but the second act is huge, guitare and sax melodies comes in and transform this piece into a must-listen of the first order. Stream it below grab the free download and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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A Chat With Matteo Spedicati [Interview]

Italy has its fair share of reputable house and techno purveyors, with Davide Squillace, Marco Carola and Dusty Kid foremost in our mind. That said, the country has always fostered an underground spirit, and this is most definitely the case with the burgeoning label that is Alfa Romero. Their take on high-class fare has won them admirers aplenty so far, and their latest comes from Matteo Spedicati, a man who keeps impressive company if his discography is anything to go by. With his latest EP out now, we checked in with him for a quick natter…

Hey Matteo, I wanted to start by asking about Italy. Why do you think so many Italians are obsessed with electronic music? I saw videos of the Kappa Music Festival which looked really amazing…

Yeah, electronic music in Italy is growing year by year and I think Torino is the real deal in Italy for this kind of music. I don't know if the Kappa festival was in another Italian city if the crowd would be as big…

And when did you first become interested in clubbing? Who were your early inspirations?

I used to be a punk rocker before I became interested in clubbing in the early 00s in London, when I started to go clubbing around the city. I listened to electronic music at home aswell, and when I came back to Sardinia I started to be involved in the scene here. And I still am!

When did the hobby become something you wanted to pursue further?

It was in 2008 when I started to DJ around, but at the moment I’m kind of living a second start of my journey with music. So very exciting for me.

When did you start producing? Was it difficult at first?

I already had music skills from my early experience with guitar when I was young but the software is very different from a physical instrument. But it didn’t take much time before my first track was done. Of course, the quality of the sound, the mixing and all this “technical” stuff came after several years of practice and sweat too.

When did you finally feel you were getting the hang of it? What was your first release and how do you look back on it?

In 2006 when I sent a demo to Gumption Recordings and Leftroom. It was a six-track demo and they all wanted to sign them! So 2 EPs with my first demo signed with two cool labels... I was so happy about it. My first release was Weekend At Pisano's on Gumption Recordings and when I saw the YouTube videos with Ricardo Villalobos playing the release when it was still in promo I could hardly believe what I was watching!

And what was the first record you bought? Do you still have it?

The very first vinyl I bought was with my father when I was 6 or 7 and was Otis Redding's ‘’Dock Of The Bay’’ – a classic tune! But when I started to play electronic music I remember I did a massiveorder from and I remember for sure there was Traffic Signs from Steve Bug, Minimal Man on Perlon and Tim Wright – Thirst (Luciano remix). And of course I still have all of them!!!

Do you still play vinyl ever?

I started DJing with vinyl and I still do this with Traktor Scratch - even if the computer is not as reliable as the real deal!!!

So where are you from in Italy? Is it a good place for music in general? 

I come from Cagliari, Sardinia, and yes is a good place for music. We live by the beach and sometimes the parties are really good! There is also a good amount of international artists like Alessio Mereu, Andrea Ferlin, Dusty kid, Claudio PRC and many more from my city.

What's your involvement with the local scene like? Do you have any residencies or put on any of your own parties?

Actually I don't have a residency here but I play almost every weekend. So I’m active in it, for sure.

What do you consider your role as a DJ? Has this changed over the years?

I don’t think it’s changed that much actually. Maybe as a producer yes, but as a DJ, no.

Do you think too much importance is attached to what DJs use to play music with?

As somebody once said, music is free and you can't control it, so no matter which kind of setup you use to play the important thing is the final result (and not getting bored with it).

What's been your most favourite gig over the years?

Carnival in Medellin. Unbelievable!

What’s the idea behind the EP on Alfa Romero? How do you know the guys at the label and how did it come about?

I made this track when I was a little bit tired with doing the same stuff, and I found myself writing lyrics and structuring the arrangement much more as a song rather then a club track. But I also wanted to keep the dance factor high so it's a kind of a hybrid between a song and a club track with strophes and refrain with the amazing voice of Francesca. I'm quite happy that the final result was closer with what I had in my mind. I never sent the track to anyone actually and one day I was on Skype with a big friend of mine, Cipy, and he put me in contact with the legendary Marzio Aricò aka Prudo from Alfa Romero. And like that the deal was done!

What’s next for you music wise?

I want to keep on push further my projects and we’ll see what happens!

Matteo Spedicati’s Never Let Us Go (w/Ben Hoo remix) is out now on Alfa Romero. Watch below and as always, enjoy!

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Jul 29, 2014

No Limits - Purple Skies [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

A playlist of sweet deep house tracks is always something you need to have handy for summer evenings, and what the Ohio-based up and coming duo, No Limits, are providing with 'Purple Skies' is exactly what you need for your playlist.
'Purple Skies' is an absolute bonbon for your delicate ears, a perfectly tempered House composition paired with some gorgeous vocals. The beautifully progressive intro and break, with their subtle dubstep sprinkles, allows us to catch our breath, for the following drops; culminations of sprightly synths and swooping vocals that’s simply impossible not to fall in love with. We strongly encourage you to explore it for yourself below, and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Kerem Akdag - Life of a Party [Deep House] [EP]

The Internet has obviously had massive connotations for the wider electronic music world, and nowhere is this more obvious than the list of countries that have began to embrace such strands over the past decade-or-so. Turkey is one such country, and on reflection here, its scene is definitely one to watch. The release we’re alluding to comes from Kerem Akdag, a producer who’s well known within the confines of his own scene but not so well known outside of it.
Regardless of his stature, he’s clearly a considerable production outfit. The 'Life of a Party' EP is kicked off with the original. A truly unpredictable record, its swelling synths mark it out as an unrelenting track of distinction, complete with garage and dubstep overtones. That said, Moodymanc’s remix is arguably the finest of all the tracks on offer, with its bulbous bassline and supple touches indicative of what makes him such an underrated talent.
Akdag’s next original, 'How You Feelin' brings us firmly back to party territory, before our inaugural taste of Petra Digital comes to an end with Kaan Duzarat’s ravey interpretation. A wildly eclectic release, this one’s a bit of a grower – but one that just takes a few listens first. And as always, enjoy!

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A Chat With Robot Needs Oil [Interview]

Multi-talented polish producer Robot Needs Oil is the sort of man who we most definitely dig in these parts. Since first bursting on to the scene some years ago, he’s racked up a string of impressive releases, many of which have come to light in Ukraine imprint, Artreform, which is in itself a medium for clued-in house fare. So what makes the man tick? And what else maintains a part of his current agenda? We dialed him up to find out more…

What’s the thinking behind your unusual name, Robot Needs Oil?

Well, amongst most of my DJ and producer mates I’m a “ROBOT” because I work on so many tunes at the one time. And I also have so many releases out there. For others, it’s just a cool artist name. I think!

You're from Poland. What's it like as a place to grow up for electronic music?

Yes, I’m originally from Poland. As for Poland, the electronic music scene depends in which the region you live. Every place is good but it also depends on you and your tastes in music. Some like electronic music, others like disco and commercial tunes playing over and over on the radio. In general, I think that it’s a good place for electronic music. It’s had a pretty positive effect on my life and it’s kept me alive so far!

And what's it like to grow up there in general? Is it a good spot?

Poland is a beautiful in general - so many cool places and cities, it’s definitely worth visiting. You should come!

So where would you recommend a foreigner to go clubbing if they were to go to Poland?

There are plenty of clubs in Krakow. Almost every door in the city centre is a club or pub where you can enjoy with good music and everybody can find something good to enjoy.

And do you get to play at home all that much these days? Is it always a special occasion?

I only play in special occasions. Once a year, sometimes once every 2 years. It depends on gig requests really.

What are the biggest hurdles facing artists from Poland? Do you feel you guys are somewhat underestimated on a global scale? Or have guys like Catz n’Dogs helped put you guys back on the map in a way?

There are many good Polish producers who do a good job with producing. They are guys with big talent but they don’t have contacts to help them and push it forward. Personally speaking, I do not get any backup from any known polish producers, but I’m sure it’s different for others…

So going back a bit, when were you first introduced to electronic music? Why did you love it so much?

The first time was in 2005 via Pharmacy Of Sound and Greg Kobe Projects. Just after that Robot Needs Oil came in 2006 when I was introduced to John Acquaviva's Definitive recordings. Music has always been in me, and gives more meaning to life - a kind of driving motor. Thanks to her I feel better!

Has the Internet really changed the music scene in Poland then? Do most kids still listen to bad music?

The internet is changing every musical generation, however, but it doesn’t interfere with what the kids listen. Let them listen to what they enjoy I say. Their musical tastes will change with time anyway…

And your latest EP is just out now on Artreform, and sees your tracks being remixed by Joss and Trav & Volta. What do you make of how they altered the originals? As expected?

Yes, I love both remixes. Each is different and moves you to dance. I’m sure both work great on the dancefloor.

What do you personally find is the toughest part of doing a remix?

Sometimes it goes without problems - you just have an idea on a remix. And after a while just after receive parts and just start and finish. But the toughest part is the song and ensuring it appeals to all parties. I tend to take one or two samples from the sample pack and then I record the new melodies to create an eclectic sound.

What other producers have influenced you over the years? And who influences you more than any others?

Maybe the Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy but that was long time ago. At the moment I cannot say to be honest. When looking for new music I listen to hundreds of tracks, and if I like something I take into account the label and where it’ll be released. Just how it works for me.

What's next in the Robot Needs Oil story? Who would you really love to work alongside with on a track?

Nowadays I’m receiving plenty requests for remixes so be prepare for some nice tunes also originals.

Robot Needs Oil’s Mood Swing (remixes) are out now on the label Artreform. Stream below and as always, enjoy!

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Hodgson - Babylon System [Deep House] [EP]

Bravely steeping out with his first few releases is Hodgson, a London based producer who has been buying vinyl ever since the tender age of 13. His sonic world takes in everything from dub to grime and it shows in the great two tracker he serves up here for the Jeudi label. Already getting props from the likes of Pete Tong and Maya Jane Coles, it could well be the start of affine career for the man behind it.
Opening up the tidy EP is Babylon System, which is brave in that it features a monologue about being born into a system that doesn’t care about any of us. Musically it’s a deep, nimble bit of modern house with shiny melodies, crisp hi hats and plenty of dancefloor clout. The second track, One Spliff, is suitably stoned in its influences. Skanking sub bass props up classic dub piano chords and a lazy reggae vocal gets laid over the top of the swaggering beats. It’s a fine summer sizzler that will no doubt become something of an anthem this summer. Overall, then, a confident debut. As always, Enjoy!

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Jul 28, 2014

Swedish House Mafia ft Pharrell Williams - One (Your Name) (Autograf Cover) [Electro Pop] [Free Download]

You know guys, I am always on the lookout for some cool tunes to chill you and me out. And I usually find some ear candies, today Chicago trio Autograf stand out from the crowd with their exquisite 2014 cover of 2010 summer anthem 'One (Your Name)' by Swedish House Mafia and Pharrell Williams. Pop meets House music has become quite ordinary these days, but there still are tracks like this one that pop up every once in a while that really get us excited for the future of EDM. With such a light structure, Autograf provided a subtle composition where quality is valued much more than quantity. This piece is really enjoyable and chill, after listening to it, you'll understand why I have had it on repeat all day. My favorite part is when the eerie voicy bass comes in, it gives the cover a whole new dimension. Get this summery freebie now if you know what’s good for you. And as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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Jul 25, 2014

Bob Marley - Redemption Song (Raeve & Mokoa ft Jahson Cover) [Deep House] [Free Download] [Premiere]

If there is anyone that can readapt a classic track into a deep sounding jam, Raeve is the one to do it. This time he teamed up with talented french producer Mokoa and jamaican singer Jahson to cover the legen...dary 'Redemption Song' of reggae master Bob Marley.
So, for all of you out there who share my appreciation of successful music fusion, this one's for you. When I first listened to this new remix, the Kygo tropical influences jumped out at me, you can clearly hear that sunny vibe and playful ambiance so typical of the norwegian producer, and it consolidates my idea of how polyvalent and creative Raeve can be. I was pretty stoked to hear reggae and electronic styles skillfully combined by Raeve and his sidekicks, to make one feel-good catchy record. Check out this beautiful piece, grab yourself a free copy and as always, enjoy!

NPM's Free download: Here!

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